Free Évora Pack

We have prepared a special package to celebrate freedom and enjoy the best of Évora in a 100% electric car. A one-night program specially designed to get to know the historic center with maximum comfort.

1 hour to explore Évora in your own way, driving a 100% electric car
Visit the historic center that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site or venture beyond the walls
Be independent and personalize your Tour - Go wherever you want
GPS and free Wi-Fi guide
Digital recording of the experience and live transmission via social networks

1 night program

Price per person in a double room = € 99.00
Price per person in a single room = € 88.00

Featured Offers


We produced a special summer campaign, with prices starting at Euros 42/per person, in a double
room, breakfast included, at M’AR De AR Muralhas. Enjoy your stay in the heart of Évora, a World
Heritage site, and rest/relax in an outdoor space and pool, overlooking one of the rare medieval
Évora Walls.


June is Children’s Month, at M’Ar De Ar Hotels
June is Children’s Month and, at M’Ar De Ar, the attention will be entirely focused on them. We have
produced a special package, full of activities and games, to pamper the little ones. With their parents,
grandparents, uncles, cousins or siblings, this package promises to make a big splash, and everyone