A gastronomic trip through Alentejo

Know our flavors

The Group M'AR De Ar have Chef António Nobre in control of their kitchens, who advocates the constant discovery of scents (from coriander, mint and oregano) and flavors such as the acid of Alentejo bread, distinct from all others, the rusticity of the meat, the presence of river fish, and the golden thread that adorns each dish - regional olive oil. The sweets, of course, ocuppy equally a prominent place in its meals, which leave a sweet aftertaste in every meal.
On this trip through the flavors of Alentejo, the Group currently has 3 restaurants and a Bistro: Flavors from Alentejo, Degust'AR, Degust’AR Bistro and Degust’AR Lisboa. In Évora or Lisbon, a gastronomic journey not to be missed.

The Chef

António Nobre

The kitchen of the group M'AR De AR Hotels has been transfered to the Chef António Nobre which has contributed a lot, with quality, imagination and art, for the promotion of the Alentejo cuisine, exploring skillfully all the aromas of the region.

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