António Nobre

Between coriander and pennyroyal

The Chef

António Nobre is the Chef in charge of the kitchen of both M’AR de AR Hotels. He has
largely contributed to spread the Alentejo cuisine using the flavors of the region to
perfection, as mentioned on his 2010 book “Entre Poejos e Coentros” (“From Pennywort
to Coriander”)
His multiple activities include:

  • Being a Brother of the Alentejo Gastronomic Brotherhood
  • Continuous attendance to the San Sebastian Congress "Lo Mejor de la
  • Creation of a list of all Portuguese olive oils
  • Publication of a book of the best recipes by Portuguese Chefs
  • Several awards on how to cook with Port Wine
  • Cooperation in newspapers and gastronomy sites
  • Publication of “Recipes with codfish and salmon”, in cooperation with the
    Norwegian Fishing Council
  • Participation in several TV cooking shows

He is now working on a new book called “70 Easy Recipes for the Entire Family”.