Group M'AR De AR

About Us

In 2008, a new bet by SHA in the city of Évora begins through the expansion and creation of a new brand and identity.

Then came the MAr de Ar Hotels: M´Ar de Ar Muralhas and the inauguration of the Hotel MAr de Ar Aqueduto. Five-star hotel resulting from the adaptation of an old Sepulvedean palace, thus bridging the gap between modern architecture and history, where the chapel, vaulted ceilings and three Manueline windows still speak, as well as an excellent view over the Aqueduct of Water silver.

It currently has 62 rooms, a SPA, the DegustAr Restaurant and the DegustAr Bistro.

In 2019, the Degust`Ar Lisboa Restaurant was opened. A project that aims to bring the aromas and flavors of the best Alentejo food to the heart of Lisbon.