Registration No. 1268 - “M'Ar de Ar Aqueduto Historic Design Hotel & SPA”
Registration No. 3196 -“M’Ar de Ar Muralhas Timeless Charm Hotel”

“The World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus, causal agent of COVID-19, as a public health emergency of international scope. In order to avoid risks and infections, ensuring the existence of an internal protocol that defines the necessary prevention, control and surveillance procedures, these establishments declare to comply with the requirements defined by “Turismo de Portugal”, in accordance with the guidelines of the “Directorate-General for Health”, which allow to consider them “HEALTHY & SAFE Establishments”.

The priority of M'AR DE AR Hotels, will always be the well-being of their guests. The period we are currently going through, requires hotels to implement new hygiene measures, in order to ensure a safe stay, for all who find in Alentejo, a refuge for this challenging moment.

It is our commitment to comply with and supervise the measures implemented, the training of teams, the supply of protective equipment and use of all products and machines, to ensure the best possible disinfection service. It is not possible to guarantee 100%, the absence of the virus in our hotels; however, compliance with all measures will be our commitment and mission, until this less happy phase is overcome.

We will do everything to be a reference of security and tranquility, allowing all our guests to find, in the M'AR De AR Hotels, a clean and reliable destination for family, friends and business.


For the well-being and safety of our guests, we have gathered a set of recommendations, and implemented some hygiene and safety measures, allowing a safer stay for all.


For the well-being and safety of our team, we have implemented a set of new measures and procedures, that will allow everyone to work with greater safety and confidence.


The hygiene procedures of all hotel spaces have been strengthened, creating new disinfection measures, ensuring the maximum cleanliness and safety of all.


For the comfort of all, the Reception Desk has changed some of its procedures, reducing to the maximum the contact time, and ensuring that all guests; needs are guaranteed.

Food & Drink

The kitchens and restaurants of the M'AR De AR Hotels, have sought to find new solutions to safeguard the safety and hygiene of the usual procedures. You can find changes in the breakfast service, management of the occupation of the restaurants, and the implementation of new hygiene and safety procedures, from the preparation to the service of the meal.